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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  June 28, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> rare summer rain is slashing records. san francisco saw the wettest june ever. >> i can't believe it is raining in california in june. almost july. >> rare sight most folks were prepared for the rain. but the conditions made for dangerous day on the road. chp responded
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to 40 accidents in sonoma county alone this afternoon. and there was just enough rain to snap the limbs on this tree in front of the french american school on golf street. if we i'm dan ashley. rain has not stopped yet either. spencer is here to show us what is out there on doppler radar tonight. spencer. >> okay still more scattered showers on the way but at the moment we are experiencing a little bit of a calm after the stovrment you can see the rainfall pushed over to the central valley and beyond. so very few places in the bay area are experiencing rainfall at the moment. but we have had record late june rainfall. let me activate my map here. and there we go. him if 24 hour rape fall total so far have produced some record for the various location. santa rosa. kent field. san francisco. oakland. down at san jose. livermore. each location has experienced record rainfall
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total for this date and as you can see we have some very impressive rainfall total and for the month of june we have got the wettest june on record at 6 bay area locations. santa rosa, napa, sfo airport, oakland livermore san jose and san francisco has had the second wettest june ever. so what will follow? break the record? i have details coming up. >> okay thanks see you shortly. >> private company will return to lake merit tomorrow to finish mopping up mysterious diesel spill. early today the crew laid out boom on the lake to contain the fuel which spilled from a storm drain and spread over 5 acres. they think the diesel may have come from a leaking big rigor perhaps a near by building and was washed that the lake by all of this ran today. >> well possible cause could have been a spill that occurred obviously when the weather was dry and l when the rain come such as what we have today with substantial amount of rain washing through the water way here, it may have pushed the diesel out into the drainage contrary that we see right now.
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>> representatives from the department of fish and game were also on the scene today to check on the spill impact on wild life including migratory birds. >> all right get become to the weather a little later on but other news tonight. bart reached a settlement in the 50 million dollar lawsuit brought by oscar grant's mother. grant was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a bart police officer on new year's day 2009. lisa is in the newsroom with details on this settlement. lisa. >>reporter: oscar grant mother accepted a 1.3 million dollar settlement from bart today. this is the second time bart has paid a settlement. last year grant daughter was awarded 1.5 million dollars for her father death. men time wanda johnson claimed bart and the officers wrongfully killed her son. violated his civil rights and used deadly force. oscar grant was shot and killed by former bart police officer messerly on new year's day 200 2009. fichlt very, very hard
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to make the decision tl and again no amount of money, you know, is going to bring oscar back and you can't pay about for theless of a loved one. >> it is a fair amount. it's expensive from the average passenger point of view but gentlemen died. because of bart actions. >>reporter: the but bart attorneys insist they and officers involved will not admit liability. messerly men tim was released from jail earlier this month after being found guilty last year of involuntary manslaughter. this does bring johnson civil claim to an end but there are still 3 more civil suits pending against bart including one from oscar grant father and the others are by people also detained on the platform that night. live in the newsroom, l abc 7 news. okay lisa thank you. >> what was supposed to be a safe hotel is now smoldering war zone in afghanistan.
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police went room to room with night vision goggle after at least 6 suicide bombers blew themselves up at luxury hotel popular with westerners. one american staying at the hotel thought he was going to die and wrote his will. tl nick filed this report tonight. fichlt this attack now over but you can still see that the corner of the intercontinental hotel is on fire. the attack lasted more than 4 and a half hours. i spoke with one survivor who actually left the hotel during the attack. he described a bloody scene. he said 3 of his colleagues were killed. and he saw one attacker with more than 15 grenade strapped to his chest. >> late tonight ambulances arrive to evacuate the dead and the wounded. one of kabul most secure spots had been under siege. the in all 6 attacker approached the hotel with machine guns and suicide vests. one detonated himself first security checkpoint. several hundred feet from the
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spwrachbilitys the rest of the group then shot their way through 2 more security check points and then opened fire on hotel guests. bombers then entered the lobby and spread out throughout the hotel shooting and detonating their explosives. outside the hotel afghan police raced to help. international helicopter hover bo-they killed 3 attackers on the roof. the siege was over. within moments of this siege the taliban took credit for attacking at this icon of kabu kabul. for decades the intercontinental popular with travelers. fancy by afghan standard with pool and restaurants and view of the city. tonight it was also hos hosting a senior level meeting of afghanistan 34 governors. the governors survive but about to oversee a crucial transition in this country. as the u.s. turns over security for part of afghanistan to the afghan army and police just in the next couple weeks. >> that's nick reporting.
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attack by insurgent in afghanistan claimed the life of soldier in sacramento county. pentagon says specialist kevin hill man died sunday in province and joined the naerm 2003 this was his third deployment overseas. had he previously served in iraq. 28-year-old received both bronze star medal and purple heart during his military career. >> mane highly in iraq ied fvl claimed the life of a soldier from orville. pentagon announced 25-year-old staff sergeant russell proctor died on sunday in the province. he was assigned to the first cavalry division at fort hood, techblingts attack also claimed the life of a private from tulsa, oklahoma. back here now. mysterious on field incident during a football game in san francisco left a man from ireland in critical condition. niece a coma tonight in san francisco general hospital. just how 22-year-old mark mcgovern was
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injured is still a mystery. he plays football similar to soccer for a team with the san francisco gale ick athletic sochlingts he was hurt during a match on saturday on treasure island. police investigating but apparently there were no witnesses. his coach says the team has identified the opposing player involved and filed a police report. at the state capitol right now the democratic controlled assembly has passed a budget. senate now taking its crack at it. lawmakers worked out a plan with the governor to reduce the deficit from 26 billion dollars to 5 billion dollars. details on the plan tonight from of capitol correspondent annette in sacramento. >> the latest democratic budget will let the temporary tax hike expire this week. state sales tax will drop 1%. and the vehicle license fee will decrease by almost half. personal income tax surcharge will be expired in january. >> absolutely a win for tax parts. average family of 4 is
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seeing additional 1,000 dollars in their pocket over the next tax year. >>reporter: democrat in no way see this as a win. because republicans wouldn't support extending the taxes, state services could see deeper cuts to make up for the lost revenu revenue. if another 4 billion dollars doesn't materialize by the end of the year, public schools could be on the chopping block again. long off another week and a half of classes. >> economy still so incredibly fragile. to have a lot of that balance by what happens to education advertise nerve wracking. >>reporter: with the state already billions above forecast it's possible additional cuts can be avoided. still democrat feel republicans gave them no choice but to authorize more cuts with a simple majority. and new power voters gave them last fall. >> as democrat l they necessity cuts that we are voting on today have real consequence for real people. in all community throughout the state. >>reporter: there are still some new revenue in the democratic budget. the amazon tax requires sales tax to be collected from certain on line
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retears. new fee imposed on homeowner who live in wildfire prone areas willay for fire protection. 12 dollar fee on car registration will help fund dmv. taxpayer group are already considering legal action on the fees because by law taxes require a two thirds vote. >> this is one of these areas where they are trying to impose a tax l and calling it a fee. so whenever government does that, they run into potential legal problems. >> law make versus a motivation to get this budget done. they haven't been paid since june skaechbt and won't be until they pass a balance budget. meanwhile 5 republican lawmakers sent a letter to the attorney general asking whether state controller chung has the authority to dock their check. in sacramento, abc 7 news. we have a lot more to bring you tonight at 9:00. from the i team evidence of abuse by a major pork supplier. what happens before it wind up on
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your dinner table. >> battle of the academic. uc berkeley economy columnist up against 2 experts at amherst over gas praises. speculators inflating the price at the pum pump? >> welcome to summer. 2011. fichlt may just feel like the earth has turned upside down from today's raincrosthe bay area a in san jose. >> take as strike. now 3 and 1. >> to barry pitching strike for the giants. interesting day. those stories and more when the is skawbingth sz.
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>> for every car on the road. this is due to wall street speculation. head of uc berkeley energy institute says it is just not true. >> this is diagnosis by exclusion. can't think of any other reason prices are so high so we say it is speculation. >>reporter: the professor says
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in fact the economic of the oil market are much more complex. and there are real reasons for the current rise in prices. >> saudi arabia has a lot of extra oil that it is choosing not to produce. likewise the cut back in libya production l has significant impact on the market. >>reporter: he says the cut backs in the face of rising demand are much more significant than wall street's side bets on what the price of oil will be in the future. >> there's really just no evidence about in the sires economic analysis that speculators are l significant cause of high oil prices. >> i ran the comments past the co-author of the report, economist at the university of massachusetts and tells me the evidence is simply that prices went up. first quarter of 2011 and at a time when supply out stripped demand. disagreement between economist just part of what the commodity future trading commission is looking at right now as they seek to
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put limits on the trading of oil futures. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. all right let's talk about this weird weather. unusual storm up ended plans for people who hope to enjoy the out doors today. especially tourists who could not have anticipated this amount of rain at the end of june. this photo of the cable car line on california street from you report today. more on the summer bummer from carolyn tyler. >>reporter: we are used to seeing tourists inappropriately dressed for the weather in northern california. but this time it is not their fault. we haven't had heavy rain like this in june since 18 84. fichlt lovely place. vl it's damp. >>reporter: firstn for brits ld lewis and this is not the way they planned it. >> we were going to do the alcatraz today. we were thinking about doing. and also
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the open bus ride nishtion june the shops along the wharf are usually doing a are brisk business in sunglasses and t-shirts. but today it's another fashion sment. this store sold l 60 poncho before noon. >> for tourists, yes. california nice weather. like sunshine. the they surprise it's raining. >> we shattered a rain fall record in san francisco today. it caught the locals off guard as well. >> who would have thought. all star game tonight for my kid in baseball. it's going to be rand out. very, very frustrating. >>reporter: where is your umbrella 8. i didn't bring on one. wasn't expecting it to be raining. >>reporter: didn't listen to mike l. >> i didn't listen. didn't listen to my mom either said always carry an umbrella eric's umbrella would have been no use to this construction crew working on an old pipe on market street. that this is the second wettest june on record is more than a nuisance. >> i seen somebody tl say craz
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crazy. >>reporter: there are those with take it in stride. this couple had choice treats at out door cafe. if so what if the trip to lake was cancelled for these ymca camp kids. switch to the great indoors is no big deal. >> you know in san francisco you can never really techlt be ready for everything right. >> right. fevshl stay dry stay happy. l. >>reporter: i don't know if you remember but last year on this day it also rained but it was just a few light showers. nothing like this. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. all right. with more on the summer bummer we like that expression. >> great. >> set records all over the place. >> record rainfall for this date. actually 6 locations in the bay area that have now had the wettest june on record. i think a certain romance to this. makes me love sunny
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weather. snoom long for it. >> require. live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville west to san francisco. you can see the clouds and moisture actually in the atmosphere right four but there's very also at the moment in the way of rainfall here in the bay area now. most of the action is well to our east. tl a little spotty areas of light rain but there will be some more scattered showers overnight tonight. right now temperatures are generally in the 50's although we have some low 60's at redwood city mount view san jose and 60 degrees at antioch. highlights just more showers overnight clearing begins early tomorrow morning and there is a big warm-up coming our way for the 3 day fourth of july weekend. satellite radar composite image record rain fall. well to our east at the moment. followed by upper levelko low which stil can trigger skatd erred showers overnight. animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we see some spotty shower activity here and there. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning beginning rush hour still could be some wet spots around although most of the area not
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seei rainfall at that hour. then by midmorning tomorrow morning it should be pretty much over except for some points up in the north bay mountains. it will be mainly sunny day certainly in the afternoon hours and into the early evening and it is quite pleasant then later in the week a big what is your name. now low pressure tonight will not drop very low. another mild overnight fwl low to mid 50's and then tomorrow high in the south bay up to about 70 at san jose. 69 at cupertino. on the peninsula mid upper 60's. red wad 6068. upper 50's on the coast. downtown san francisco 62 degrees tomorrow. north bay high will range from mid 60's at san rafael and novato to low 70's at clear lake. clover dale and ukiah. nearest bay we see mid to upper 60's. 65 at berkeley. 67 at union city. newark at oakland 68 castro vaechlt inland east bay mainly low 70's. 72 at concord. 70 dublin. 71 at pleasanton. mid 70's at antioch and brentwood
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and monterey bay 66 watsonvill watsonville, 66 at santa cruz. mid 70's inland morgan hill and gilroy. here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast. so we start to dray out late tomorrow. warm-up a bit on thursday then a mainly warm-up starts on friday saturday sunday fourth of july in the mid 90's. mid upper 80's around the bay. up to about 70 on the coast which is quite mild along the coast and for monday fourth of july if this forecast holds up and i think it will we should have good visibility monday evening for the final. >> fourth of july heat. >> fourth of july heat. knoll fourth of july written. >> thanks spencer very much. >> well coming up here. unforgettable ride on the san francisco muni system dirty 30 line. show you how fichlt manufacture over. make way for bike. the bike fwhail would let you break the law behind the wheel. make it safer for
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cyclist. news
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. >> generation of chain he's american families. but san francisco china town is also home to what some call the most unpleasant bus ride in the city. today muni took a major step toward fixing that by approving 2 33 million dollar contract to dig a subway tunnel under china town. is jonathan bloom explains why muni is willing to spend that kind of money. >> pushing and shoving. i don't like it. everyone please try to move down. all the way down towards the back. want to get off use the back door. >> it's pretty bad. almost lake sardine. if really rainy
9:25 pm
probably be even worse. >> awful. awful. >>reporter: this is a typical ride on one of the many buses that ferry people up and down the 6 blocks of stockton street in china town. standing shoulder to shoulders riders hold on tightly as the bus inches its way down the congested street. the city transportation boar says the prlem igettgorsevery ye. they say the only solution is to take public transit underground. >> you don't want in 30 years from now to be in a city where you can't move. >>reporter: digging a tunnel underneath the street is the longest and most expensive part of an eight year, 1.6 billion dollar project designed to rae leave congestion here in china town. everyone agrees it's a problem. but not everyone think as subway is the best solution. >> this is an obvious boondoggle. waysful with rather small benefit for the amount of money invested. >>reporter: critic save immune would i rather see the 1.6 billion dollars spent on better
9:26 pm
bus service all over the north end of the city. >> make them work l starting this year and next year rather than waiting 8 years for a project which won't solve any of our transit problems. >>reporter: but the mta board chairman says there's just no more ramp for buses. >> really noise other way to do, get that many people off the streets. streets are just not wide enough. density is so intense. we need this. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. talk about different way of getting around town. bill that aims be riders safer is one step closer to becoming a law. measure approved by the assembly transportation committee requires motorist to give bike riders a 3 foot buffer zone when passing them on the road. state senate already green lighted this bill. it would also allow drivers to cross double yellow lines to give bicyclist more ramp without being ticketed. as long as they slow down. >> highway patrol worked with this and helped us with language as part of the bill. that will allow the large
9:27 pm
vehicle total cross the double yellow line for that momentary pass of a bike when safe to do so. >>reporter: bill now goes to the appropriations committee. if approved there it will good to full assembly for a vote. >> all right. when we continues here tonight. abc 7 news i team reveals the dirty secret of major pork producer. going to expose the abuse that is shocked even some insiders. >> plus biggest ever study on breast cancer screening. after all of the confusion, researchers say mammogram do save lives. what you need to know about screening right now. >> closest call in space station history. stay with us. another half hour of news station history. stay with us. another half hour of news begins here in just a moment. 7 /
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>> good evening once again. start the half hour with the headlines. bart agreed to pay 1.3 million dollars to the mother of oscar grant who was fatally shot by messerly in 2009. this settlement resolved a 50 million dollar wrongful death and civil rights suit filed by grant family against bart. last year the transit agency agreed to pay 1.5 million dollars to the mother of grant's daughter. >> 6 suicide bombers attacked the intercontinental hotel in afghanistan killing 7 people in 4 hour stand off. siege ended when nato helicopters fired rockets at gunmen on the roof top. taliban claims responsibility. >> enough rain fell in san francisco to make this month the second wettest june in more than a century. the conditions made for dangerous day on bay area highway and sent
9:31 pm
pedestrians scampering for cover today. rare event this late in june. headlines tonight. we move next to shock undercover report about the food that we eat. animal rights activist spent two months undercover at the nation fourth largest pork producer that supplies major grocery stores here in the bay area. she shared the video with the i team dan. now word of caution. some of the pictures are difficult to watch but they are tl essential to the story. we spared you the worst of it. stilt is probably something you don't want children to see. here's dan's report. if activist got a job at iowa select farm for the past two months. >> i used my real nature. my real contact information. and i was hired just like any other employee and l i did exactly what was asked of me. >>reporter: but she carried a hidden camera with her and saw what are called station crate. sou spend most of the life in
9:32 pm
the 7 by 2 foot cage. can't turn around or easily lion the side. >> they naturally develop soar on the body from the crate and flooring which we know to be extremely painful for them. >>reporter: ban on the crate will take effect in california in 4 years but nothing in the law will prevent the stores from buying pork proud this way in other states. >> unfortunately no federal law protect animal during the miserable life in factory farm so this type of abuse does run rampant within the pork industry. >>reporter: activist says she saw other standard industry practices at the farm. workers clipping pig let tail and performing cast traition with no pain killer but video showed several botched where this fall out of body. some were left to slowly die. >> but any time an animal is in distress we want to take care of it to make shirt is either taken care of medically to cure it or to dispatch it if we have to. that's our last thing we
9:33 pm
want to do. >>reporter: california pig farmer steve weaver watched the video and questioned why workers would handle piglet just days old so roughly. >> roller coaster ride for piglet. >>reporter: on the video employee explains that the farm worker send piglet by tossining them. >> we were afraid if we like were throwing them would it like mess them up. >> no they are fine. tm pigs are very sturdy. >>reporter: t. >> things that kind of bother me is throwing pig ass round. like throwing anything around that is live you don't do that. >>reporter: employee says workers killed sickest pig let by grabbing them by the back leg and smacking them against the concrete floor. process called thumping. fichlt ideal place to hit is right here. tl smack them? a activist says she documented piglet slowly dying from injury and infection and sou who had
9:34 pm
been bred so many times that the inside are falling out. video was quickly making the rounds including the company in the bay area who sell pork from iowa select farms. safeway and costco. >> i think the animal handling that we saw need to be addressed very quickly. him if because they are terrible. >>reporter: costco vice president of quality assurance told us from company headquarters in seattle today that costco auditors will be inspecting iowa select farms operation in light of the video and will continue pushing for all suppliers to stop using gestation crate. >> we want great safe pork and animal treated well. pretty simple in my mind. >>reporter: officials at safeway headquarters refused to be enter vawd on camera but sent e-mail saying they have halted purchases while thorough investigation is conducted into iowa select farms. safeway does not tolerate animal abuse. will continue to increase the amount of pork they buy from
9:35 pm
suppliers that are phasing gestation crate. >> any time that tl animals are in distress is obviously very concerning for the industry and for fellow producers to see. >>reporter: head of the calf pork producer association l forwarded us a statement from iowa select farms that read ins part. they take any claims of animal neglect or abuse very seriously. and those portions of the video that show violations will be dealt with quickly and appropriately. >> they are going to investigate the situation t.they have zero tolerance policy for any type of mistreatment of animal on the farm. >>reporter: but the statement of iowa select does not address the issue of gestation crate. there's a simple way to find out if the pork you are buying comes from iowa select. i'm posting the code that are stamped on allport packaging on our blog at abc 7 fo this is abc 7 news. pl international monetary fund has chosen the first female leader. french finance
9:36 pm
minister christine laguardia picked today to head the global lending organization. sheree places dominic straus can who rae signed last month after charged with sexually assaulting hotel house keep internew york. laguardia challenge include restoring the organization reputation and morale and helping to fix europe debt crisis which is threatening the global economy. >> no. 1 concern in europe threatening the global economy. >> no. 1 concern in europe certainly is greece if demonstrators clashed with riot police in athens open the first day of 2 day general strike that brought the country i to stand city. protestors threw rock and fire bomb. police fared back with canister of tear gas and stun grenade. demonstrations are aimed at the government proposed austerity measures. combination of spending cuts and tax i hope ceases which must pass this week if greece hopes to receive any more bill out money. if they fail, greece could default on the debt and deal a new blow
9:37 pm
to the world economy. >> health news now. tonight landmark findings could helpen the debate over who should get mammogram and when they should get they will. in the longest study ever conducted 130,000 women were followed for 30 years and the results are very clear. screening saves lives. here's sharon l pishtion she started getting mammogram at age 40. >> at 46 i got a surprise. radiologist says we have to talk. i see something. >>reporter: breast cancer. 15 years later now cancer free she credit her annual mammogram with saving her life. and the new study shows she's not a loan. swedish study that stretched for nearly 3 decades shows if screened regularly 30 percent fewer women would die of breast cancer. the experts say a 30 percent reduction would translate to 15 to 20,000 lives saved each year. >> what does this mean to women. >> what this means to women is that we have yet another piece
9:38 pm
of data that shows that screening mammogram saves live lives. >>reporter: but the study doesn't recommend when to start getting them or how often. and that has been the biggest source of condition fawtion and controversy. in 2009 a government advisory board ignite add fire storm after recommending against raw teen mammogram for women in their 40's. and said women in their 50's only needed mammogram every other year. that recommendation was meant to spare women the worry of a false positive or unnecessary radiation. >> for people who l through the process lost faith in the power of mammogram what would you say to them. >> i would say this study should restore your faith in screening mammogram while it is not perfect the benefit of mammogram clearly outweigh any potential disadvantage. >>reporter: since this study included older technology, it is possible mammogram today are even more effective the. now better technology lake 3d breast imaging and made screening more accurate with
9:39 pm
fewer unnecessary call backs p.she's proof they save lives. >> i still gore year for my mammogram and still get nervous every year. >> sharon reporting. again this study used technique nowhere near what we have now. so doctors say if anything it under estimates the benefit of mammograms. >> l well the ayes have it. if you always felt like blue eye people get all the attention we have the story for you. stay with us for that. >> also. blue eye might help get someone a date but pl whole different story here. stay with us. plus the baby has been banned. the airline introducing a no infant policy in first
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>> fighter jet crashed in nevada. one person was on board f-16. like this one. when it went down during training about 90 miles outside of las vegas. the kins unknown tonight. the plane is the same one we see during demonstrations at the air force by the air force thunderbird, by the way. >> the astronauts inside the international space station were briefly forced into evacuation pod after piece of space junk came very close. crew members 3 russian 2 americans and japanese astronaut went into their escape capsule and prepared for an emergency evacuation back to
9:43 pm
earth. the debris came within 1100 feet of the platform. experts say even a small object could do considerable damage to it. nasa says this was the closest debris has ever come to the station. news tonight about blue eyes. that could be that they are more sensitive to the sun than brownizement for some it can be a real problem, too. here's john. ♪ something in the way she moves. >>reporter: old blue eyes frank sinatra sure could sing. paul newman with the piercing blue eyes sure could act. i don't want to shoot with you harvey. >>reporter: put them at bat during the day and man will they have problems. subpoena. >> struck out become of the 1st inning. >>reporter: call it the curse of the baby blue. american league most valuable player josh hamilton has been absolutely reach he had during day gaichlts he hits 200 points
9:44 pm
worse than at night. why? the prognosis from l dr. elton john. >> babies got blue eyes. l. >>reporter: hamilton sure does. and some researcher found that blue or light colored eyes are worse in filtering glare. the reason? the pigment at the back of the eye is less dense. >> pigment in the back of the eye is what helps us see in fine detail. >>reporter: which matter as lot in baseball for airline pilots truck drivers anyone training to see anything outside on a bright sunny day. optometrist justin says he gets a stream of smraints from blue eye patients about sensitivity to light. much more than from us brown eyed guys. >> great liking iris. >>reporter: brown eye girls. ♪ one other thing you should know about those blue eye folk folks. they are mutant. not like the x men but scientist say it turns out that blue eye
9:45 pm
disnot exist until genetic mutation no more than 10,000 years ago. the they might have trouble hysterectomy it doesn't seem to get in the way of any one fame or fortune. john berman abc news. >> now there is an easy solution for all you blue eye folks out there. sunglasses. keep in mind not all blue eye baseball players had problems. cal ripken, micky mantle and lou gehrig to name a few. they did okay. >> all right. there ace new king of the jungle if you will at the san francisco zoo. her name is martha and today recen recently donated tiger explored her new home. this advertise the first new tiger to arrive at san francisco zoo since one of the big cat escaped and killed a visitor on christmas day 2007. since then the zoo has installed a higher wall and made the tiger grotto more secure. >> we added i think 10 feet or more to the height of theen closure. additional hot wire and some viewing windows and
9:46 pm
the mesh that you see out ther there. >>reporter: and despite today rain visitors seemed excited about the syberian tiger's arrival. 10-year-old martha weighs almost 300 pounds and eat as steady diet of chicken rabbit and pork. >> coming at 9:00. baseball engineers los angeles dodgers won't let anyone buy. stay engineers los angeles dodgers won't let anyone buy. stay with us [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin, imagine what it could do for my business. now, i just had to figure out a way to get it back to the states. so i called john, my citibank small business expert. [ john ] kate, how are you? [ kate ] he got me a line of credit and together we made it happen. now, my spa has more business than ever. ...and so does our cleaning crew. [ male announcer ] at citibank, we believe small business is a big deal.
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>> how many times have you been on a flight and had to endure someone else's screaming baby. maybe you have done it to someone else. >> one airline has a partial remedy. babies with are banned in the first class. the airline says that the move is in response to complaints from first class passengers who say that they spend a fortune on first class and then they can't sleep because of crying infants. there you go. let's go back and update the weather forecast. when will the rain end. spencer is back with that. >> felt like someone was crying on us today. rainfall we. >> that's true. >> time lapse view from our high definition south beach camera at san francisco looking eastward over the bay. you can see the thick clouds moving across streaming across the bay along with plenty of rainfall. but mostly over now. live doppler 7 hd shows almost all the rain well to our east and few spots of very late wildly
9:50 pm
scattered precipitation in the bay area right now. high pressure tomorrow after the rain won't rise very much. we'll just see low 70's in the warmest inland location. low to mid 60's around the bay. upper 50's on the coast. and state wide it is going to be much cooler than afternoon day as well. high pressure of 76 chico. sacramento. 80 at fresno and not so hot 101 at palm springs. here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast. drying out tomorrow. warming up a little bit on thursday. then major warm-up over the weekend. they day through the fourth of july. inland high mid 90's. mid upper 80's around the basement up to 70 on the coast. that's the kind of weather you want i think fourth of july. >> i hope you do. >> thanks spencer very much. >> well some dodger fans got the ka born when they tried to order a personal jersey making fun of the team financial status. here's the jersey trying to buy on the web site. named chapter and the no. 11.
9:51 pm
donors just filled for bankruptcy but for some reason management didn't if i said it too funny. the anyone trays to order the jerseyy they are toll the entry can not be processed because the language is deemed inappropriate. how would they like a big zero and in the broke. >> that jersey might be worth more than the team. >> mike up next in sports. >> tl rare double header. barry returned to the mound for the first time since april 16 with a victory. we have a double dose of highlights with a victory. we have a double dose of highlights coming
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. rebellion against red light camera. why the driving mecca of california is on the verge of pulling the plug. >> also. >> small thing make the biggest difference. >> warming heart by filling belly one slice at a time. the tasty act of kindness that is spreading across the nation. those stories and more coming up in 1 hour on abc 7 news at 11 oveon chanl 7. that's a nice story tune in for that. >> but if not pizza but hot do dog. >> ballpark. you remember thi this. former cub ernie used to say that. in chicago beautiful day at the field for double hitter. 18 hits in game 1. pat had 3 of them. seventh home run of the year 2 run shot in the third. gives the giants a 6-3 lead. 3 rbi for pat the bat and of course timy likes it. we good to the 5th inning. left field line with the bases loaded. everybody coming home.
9:55 pm
all score. 10-3 lead. 3 rbi. ryan struggle but got a sixth one of the year and perhaps the best game offensively as a giant here. 3 for 6. here at second home run of the year made it 13-7. fan who got the ball. throws it back to home plate. rounds the bases. dribble in. back to ross an crosses home plate he has the home run ball right there. throw us it in the back pocket. 13-7 the final. after 3 56 contrary starts barry on the dl first time tl since april 16th. back on the mound today game 2 against the cubs. first patter johnson struck him out. plus l crawford help him in the third. ramirez runner at third. good to the fifth. nate third hit of the game. the score. 3-2 giants. score 5 runs in the inning. crawford 2 run double to the gap left center. 6-3 the final. the win and giants
9:56 pm
sweep the double header for the seventh straight victory. >> meanwhile a's and marlins rain delay of more than an hour in oakland. so far this is opposite of the giants game today. the only run at this point is sac. fly by as you psych grabbed by if matsui score. the those complete highlights for you coming at 1 11:00. south carolina took game one of the college world series against florida. game 2 3rd inning. fontana. 2 nothing game and in the sixth down the line and right and over the fence. 4-1 south carolina. final batter in the 9th. mcmahon. fly out to right. 5-2 the final. if win the second straight national title and roll through the college world series with a perfect l 10 and o record. all right. switch gear forty-niner players holding another minicamp this week san jose state stadium. athletes creature of habit and this time of year nfl players are usually getting the bode ready for training camp. frustration
9:57 pm
continue while players owner try to hammer out a new collective bargaining agreemen agreement. tackle joe is ready for some football. >> pi think they are talking. fevrling we have heard is positive. like to get a deal done and see something happen before training camp starts. >>reporter: all right. women world cup under way in germany. team usa faced north korea in the first game of the tournament. north korea is the youngest team in the event with 14 players under 20 years old. and it showed. second half. 54th minute. cheney off the cross. right in front of the box. 1 nothing usa. 76 minute. rachel. thunder foot in from 11 yard out. t off to a good start and 2 nothing victory. u.s. open champ mcllroy front row today to watch maria. advances to the
9:58 pm
semi best match of the tournament l f.fifth seed russian not lost a set in this year event winning today. if shot of the day came from the if game here. watch the forehand get and return. around the post in the corner pocket and moves into the semi with a straight set victory. if tiger woods tournament host at this week at&t national but you won't see him on the cours course. still nursing knee and heel injury suffered at the player championship. not sure when he will return with a british open only 15 days away. tiger needs 5 more major title to pass jack nicholas and he's confident he can surpass the golden bear. >> he won 46, right. i still have some time and on top of that is correct you know we are about the same pace, i believe. years on tour and majors won. l so i'm still pretty confident the of what my future holds.
9:59 pm
>> well i personally said early i don't think he will achieve that. we talking afterward jack placed second place in 19 major. >> people forget that. he could have won 40 mainlys. >> just incredible. >> tiger he won or was no where near the top. >> exactly. >> he's go back. these are unsupervised no coaches at all. >> not at all. smith has been the one who put the things together. theft play book from new head coach harbaugh and they are doing film study. meeting together. l free agent not even on the roster is leading this stuff. >> interesting. >> good sign. we'll see if we get a game ahead of season. >> thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in an hour over on channel 7. goodbye for to see you again in an hour over on channel 7. goodbye for now.


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